Liam Neesons

from by two weeks notice



[tribe one]
mikal khill is liam neesons tribe one is liam neesons
we got fingers on the keys of the nuclear launch sequence
hold on to your WOPR joshua it’s a long evening
and you may get straight tooken for all of the wrong reasons

trying to get it started but it don’t wanna turn over
taking a swandive in front of your landrover
i just make some money, then give you the cold shoulder
until everybody says kHill got old and fell off like hova

[tribe one]
blow like super nova homey we just getting warmed up
dance like no one’s looking and performing with the door shut
we giving up on filling up the tour bus
more just need a final figure on how far we get on four bucks

better than the average, my beats are like magic
my snares and kicks can heal the sick and reverse the tragic
you could get your dog back, maybe even your mom
that’s how ill it is when i start banging up on these drums

[tribe one]
the air horn warning is a KO to the senses
i don’t mean no offense it’s just the way i make an entrance
like a brick through your windshield breaking your defenses
i do this every day i don’t just say i serve my sentence

take caution. hot enough to melt the sun
steady flossing, got some real healthy gums
with teeth so crooked a single smile could draw blood
and words so sharp a verse could tear out your guts

[tribe one]
straight to the point like the fangs in a snake’s mouth
the beat bangs keep the club jumping like a lake trout
no friends flag waving out front of your statehouse
and i swear it isn’t heritage this is hate now

the shortest distance between two points is completely straight line
now i’m dropping knowledge, now you’re knowing the time
actual factual, i’m steady blowing your mind
now buy all of my records or i hope that you die

[tribe one]
hotter than the fourth of july also the floor is lava
hotter than when i wake up in the morning pouring java
we sure to keep it popping more than orville redenbacher
and there’s nothing more important than distorting your nirvana

the sum of my inheritance is just mental illness
still trying to find the right way to exercise my skill set
tribe said we needed to write something less sad
so we just wasted two minutes tryna make you feel bad


from two weeks notice, released July 16, 2015



all rights reserved


two weeks notice Charlotte, North Carolina

two weeks notice is Tribe One & Mikal kHill.

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