two weeks notice

by two weeks notice

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"Two Weeks Notice is not something that everyone could pull off, or should even attempt to pull off, but Mikal kHill and Tribe One did it, and did it well. The premise makes this sound like a novelty, but the amazing thing is how much substance there is to this album. This isn’t something that will get lost in the mix a week from now. This is an album I thoroughly enjoyed, and I already know I’ll be coming back to it time and again." - Chi Chi,

"Vocally we find both emcees in fine form... Together they form a formidable team." - Will Harrison,

Possibly the most impulsive artistic act we've ever committed.
Ten songs.
One week.

What you see here is the result of our (perhaps ill-advised) attempt to book a tour with two weeks advance notice, while making an entire album in a week.

Thank you for your support!


released July 16, 2015

All vocals by Tribe One & Mikal kHill.
Produced and mastered by Mikal kHill.
Additional post production and mixing by
cecilnick of Autocorrect
( )

Cover art by Dominic Prestera
( // )


all rights reserved



two weeks notice Charlotte, North Carolina

two weeks notice is Tribe One & Mikal kHill.

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Track Name: Liam Neesons
[tribe one]
mikal khill is liam neesons tribe one is liam neesons
we got fingers on the keys of the nuclear launch sequence
hold on to your WOPR joshua it’s a long evening
and you may get straight tooken for all of the wrong reasons

trying to get it started but it don’t wanna turn over
taking a swandive in front of your landrover
i just make some money, then give you the cold shoulder
until everybody says kHill got old and fell off like hova

[tribe one]
blow like super nova homey we just getting warmed up
dance like no one’s looking and performing with the door shut
we giving up on filling up the tour bus
more just need a final figure on how far we get on four bucks

better than the average, my beats are like magic
my snares and kicks can heal the sick and reverse the tragic
you could get your dog back, maybe even your mom
that’s how ill it is when i start banging up on these drums

[tribe one]
the air horn warning is a KO to the senses
i don’t mean no offense it’s just the way i make an entrance
like a brick through your windshield breaking your defenses
i do this every day i don’t just say i serve my sentence

take caution. hot enough to melt the sun
steady flossing, got some real healthy gums
with teeth so crooked a single smile could draw blood
and words so sharp a verse could tear out your guts

[tribe one]
straight to the point like the fangs in a snake’s mouth
the beat bangs keep the club jumping like a lake trout
no friends flag waving out front of your statehouse
and i swear it isn’t heritage this is hate now

the shortest distance between two points is completely straight line
now i’m dropping knowledge, now you’re knowing the time
actual factual, i’m steady blowing your mind
now buy all of my records or i hope that you die

[tribe one]
hotter than the fourth of july also the floor is lava
hotter than when i wake up in the morning pouring java
we sure to keep it popping more than orville redenbacher
and there’s nothing more important than distorting your nirvana

the sum of my inheritance is just mental illness
still trying to find the right way to exercise my skill set
tribe said we needed to write something less sad
so we just wasted two minutes tryna make you feel bad
Track Name: Nobody Knows
Nobody knows...
Nobody knows...
all the trouble I've seen
Nobody knows...
all the sorrow.

[tribe one]
every record is a deathbed confession
life is a test and these are extra credit lessons
i’ve never been the best at leaving good impressions
my only hope is you don’t regret this investment

i met my best friends making these songs
and maybe that’s the reason why it takes me so long
it’s the bond that keeps these relationships strong
whether on a major label or it’s pay what you want

one day i’ll be gone probly sooner than i care to admit
sometimes i wonder who would care if i quit
i’m too self aware for embarrassing hysterical fits
i’d rather stare into a glaring abyss

i’ve seen more trouble than some but i suspect less than most
make every attempt see the best in folks
still question those that profess to know
wherever it is next we go
bless my soul...

since the days of my youth
broken windows in my bedroom
holes in the walls and in my clothes
defined line through a broke tooth
hardwood floors, staples cut my bare feet
sleeping in the cold instead of kerosene heat
the shit would leave me coughing, black phlegm in the AM
government cheese in the fridge
USDA labels in all the cabinets
stunting was not a habit
it wasn’t even an option
only solace was a perpetual state of being totally awesome
instead of steady flossing
fools clowned my clothes like, oh yo, i was only joshing
but couldn’t see the dopeness of the retro clothes i was rocking
or see the future path i was soon gonna be walking
so now they standing gawking, i wasn’t born with a silver spoon
i was birthed screaming through the cosmos at the speed of a harpoon
the first determined serpent born into a cursed line
convinced my story was more than just a buncha hard times
Track Name: Two Weeks Notice
[tribe one]
i always knew i’d have to fight for anything worth doing
and the proof is in the life that i have been pursuing
i did what i decided i was meant to be choosing
divided by the line between winning and losing

been a bit of confusion i had to clear some gray areas
and let some people know i’m here to break barriers
there hasn’t been this many weird and strange various
theses and theories since the dawn of the age of aquarius

if you got a stage and a place we can crash at
we got a lifelong passion and a hatchback
we planned a tour and an album in the abstract
with two weeks notice we finished in half that

this record isn’t a letter of resignation
it’s a thanks for all your positive messages and your patience
that’s why we put in the effort and dedication
trying to become something better than entertainment

we ain’t stopping for nothing and you know this
stay focused
two weeks notice

i worked my fingers to the bone
for little to no reason
little to no payment,
even in the busy season
best behavior
was never really my thing
but i got backed into a corner
all i heard was chaching
now it’s a paperchase struggle
eveytime that i sing
thinking about the bottomline
laying awake instead of sleeping
thought i was creeping on a comeup
i was sliding down a mountain
throwing coins in the wrong fountain
no sick days. it’s just
a puddle i might drown in
and i guess i deserve it
but my last days are mine
so therei quit.i’ve had it i’m over it i’m fine
then like actually this weekend
can you spare some overtime?
can i maybe get some extra hours
while i got a breif lull
i mean, alright okay
my plates already pretty full
yeah… i could use a weekend off…
Track Name: I Don't Want to Know
We’ve come a long way
Still got so far to go
Where it ends I can’t say
But as long as I can go I don’t want to know

[tribe one]
this journey began with a single step
and thirty three years later isn’t finished yet
been running from the second that i hit the deck
working earning the respect that i give and get

live and let live to put it in perspective
going for the objective until it is perfected
i’m less afraid of death since i became a skeptic
before i make an exit i need to leave a message

we seem to be connected by this thing that keeps pulling at us
some days it feels like going the way of the woolly mammoth
like a plan to put a bandage onto mortal damage
but if it wasn’t for the madness then i couldn’t manage

and i wouldn’t have it any other way
my cup runneth over but i know there’s gonna come a day
when the time i live this luxury finally catches up with me
but until then i’d love to stay

it all started on a four track
i borrowed it, it was broke when i gave it back
that’s been sorta a metaphor for the whole time I've been doing it
good enough to master it, weird enough to ruin it
my rise to prominence has been long delayed
but i figure i should get it sometime before i hit the grave
what i’ve built nobody’s ever gonna take away
a house of cards somehow stood thorough hurricane
i attained my goals and saw there was no finish line
you better learn to fall in love with an uphill climb
i’m never reaching for yours, i’d rather go for mine
and whatever happens it just happens, that’s life it’s gonna be fine
or it’s not. that’s just that it goes
if you’re gonna throw bows gotta expect to sometimes catch a bloody nose
keep swinging. clawing your way towards the top
live life like the bubble’s never ever gonna pop.
Track Name: Dad Joke (Progress)
[tribe one]
stranger than imagination can’t make this up
when these lame ducks claim they the same as us
but ain’t raising up the ratio of bang for bucks
they aim to gain fame i’d rather gain your trust

got no time for games i’m a husband and homeowner
some days i’m the local opener some i’m the show closer
my only goal is that my name is known the globe over
so opponents throwing bows i just throw them the cold shoulder

they some over the counter factory setters
we fly as a passenger jet and they just flapping their feathers
i imagine their lives would have to better
if they would tackle more practical endeavors and stop rapping forever

we’ve paid the dues to move up the food chain
from singing for loose change to kings with a true claim
ill as the latest flu strain
and if you thought we came to make friends then you must’ve forgot the crew name

some will make money and some will stay broke
some will swim while others struggle to stay afloat
some will stay quiet and some will make a fuss
saying the same stuff but those others ain’t us

I got a problem making problems for people i got a problem with
i got a problem with making trouble by living where trouble lives
broken dream boulevard, kids grew up acting hard
but got shook quick once anybody pulled a card
so i figured out my own methods,
hypothetical test kit
yeah, you know how it is
living situation desperate
you verses my crew is just a straight catastrophe
even with Joe Strummer you still couldn’t clash with me
Dastardly. Tragically you try to battle
come on now, i think it’s time that you best skidaddle
we all heard you rap big talking acting hard
would have sold more copies of a blank cd-r
and yes, that is obsolete media
you should get deleted like my page on wikipedia
what was the golf clubs favorite music? SWING.
That’s right, i used a dad joke to end this thing.
Track Name: Those Were My Good Years
wokeup broke the alarm
another sad sunday,
and then waking up is hard
when it’s clock in clock out
need to give it a rest
with marks on my skin
this pain in my chest
back to the grindstone
shave off my face
a persistent sickness
conflict of interest
hit the same bricks till you break both your wrists
it’s a gift... wrapped in razorwire to leave your neck slit
life is a stain.
chant the refrain
dunno the rules?
can’t win the game
and every day is the same
you went from reckless to tamed
growing as a person meant learning to be ashamed
try to remember how this ever felt good
standing above the crowd, just more misunderstood
with a broke heart and a pocket full of bad habits
the goal was a hologram, you were never gonna grab it


[tribe one]
i think i’ll quit while i’m ahead
i think i wish i could’ve spent a bit more time in bed
i think i don’t want to think about things i might’ve said
or the tracks i leave behind me as i grind the tire tread

this simple fickle minded life that i have led is past its prime
and that would still be true if i could travel back in time
that’s just fine that was practically by design
so it’s not actually lying rather practicing my lines

this is just what happens when it isn’t fun anymore
when i look back on everything i’ve done and what is it for?
when the total sum is a puddle of blood on the floor
and every reward is funneled back into the company store

i think it’s time i have to ask myself some hard questions
and either come up with an answer quick or start guessing
that i’m far past the part where i should do some arm wrestling
and honest reflection that i’m probly doing more harm than blessing
Track Name: Party Of Two
[tribe one]
i roll up in the party like “i wish i didn’t have to be here”
and make a beeline straight for the finger snacks and cheap beer
i look around and everyone already knows each other
and not that i’m socially hopeless but soon i’ll blow my cover

all at once it becomes clear i’m putting on a front
i whisper to my wife that this why i didn’t wanna come
then spend the rest of the evening off in the corner
so finding me is like an obstacle course and crossing a border

a night in the life of an awkward performer
it’s like a softcore form of moderate torture
like being locked in a box with an unstoppable horde in a hospital ward
i think maybe i’ve got a disorder

so please believe that i don’t mean to seem rude
i really do appreciate your company and free food
and i am trying my best to get up with the rest of y’all
i just need a second to digest it all

so put your hands up
if you’re ready to go home
put your hands up
if you wanna be left alone
put em up if you are ready to see this night end
and remember they reason the crew is NOFRIENDS (NOFRIENDS)

oh my god i’m at a party and surrounded by my friends
people that love me, happy to see me, and i just want it to end
i wanna go home, maybe escape to cyrodill
cause you know things that don’t mix is crowds of people and khill

Now, you might say it’s weird i’m alright when i’m holding a microphone
but i can scream at people from the stage if i need them to leave me alone
the worst is people asking me if i’m having a good time
when i’m clearly playing 3ds tryna to save a piece of my mind

or maybe i could hit the kitchen and grab me a few drinks
then i’m saying weird stuff till people think a freak
alienate half of my homies with my speech so slurred
a flurry of absurd proverbs and curse words

so instead, i sit here too sober and melancholy
everytime someone glance i wanna scream GET OFF ME
so don’t take it personal if i dip out early
it’s just the way that i roll… solo and mad surly
Track Name: Ashes Will Never Sing Songs of Fire
[tribe one]
i was already dead when she killed me
heart as heavy as the lead that filled me
she always fought dirty not afraid to get filthy
so while she committed crimes at will i was the one that pled guilty

every so often i would watch her clean the gun
and load it like the secret i keep beneath my tongue
free from the things we believed when we were young
and afraid of the demon that she’d become

she’d count a thousand ways how my life improved
no doubts that it sounded like the truth
dragging me down how could i refuse
with her standing on my neck wearing mountain climbing shoes

it isn’t that simple to explain
how these living conditions made me indifferent to the pain
so when it came it was with a whimper and a bang
i can’t think of a more intimate exchange

ashes will never sing songs of fire

it was a cold wednesday snow and ash on the ground
broken window, insect whisper sound
it says someone’s home, implies their alone
cold wind pushes, curtains shift from the blow
whole house freeze. whole house creak
whole house silent except the sound of screams.
two kids in their room, clutch whatever they can find
says he comes in here, we gonna shatter his mind
and i guess that’s fine guess it’s time
to own that moment embrace it was mine
embrace it was ours we survived that fear
and we did it all with a smile cut ear to ear
it’s all so clear, how did it ever seem normal
life in chaos, seemed so formal
you live with the monster then house it inside
you might never let it eat, but it still won’t die
Track Name: Body & Soul
The tombstones are the only silence that you’ll find
shaking off the earth’s dust there here it’s finally time
we’re all aware of how it ends
it doesn’t matter what you thought
doesn’t matter what your mama said, or what your preacher taught
everyone you ever loved is coming back to say hello
don’t you know nobody ever truly REALLY goes
there always there to watch you
there always by your side
and i can promise you, that you’ll be seeing htem tonight.

beware little children
stay in your beds
lock your doors board your windows
on the day of the dead

[tribe one]
if you’ve ever wondered what was on the other side
just listen for the wind to hum the lullabies
no hope of slumber everyone’s afraid to shut their eyes
in morning when the sun arises then the dead will come alive

there’s an ominous fog on the shoal of the local watering hole
and zombies with rotting bodies but not any souls
awaken from the grave to take a wander and stroll
from what i saw it’s obvious god is not in control

maybe there’s some sort of siren song that’s calling them
maybe they haunt the ones who’ve wronged them and they want revenge
maybe they lust for life and long to do it all again
all we really know is this is how it’s always been

you feel it in the air just being anywhere close
and you’ll see demons and evil living scarecrows
they don’t even seem aware that they’re ghosts
beware folks “dia de los muertos”
Track Name: Ten Thousand Miles
i'm a hard man to love
hard man to hold
always into something
always on the go
but for better or worse
you're all think of all the time
and never is there a second that i don't have you on my mind
it's true we can get misdirected so often i can't stand it
and i never really been a guy with very much of a plan
but you're the only wind that keep my sails moving
and the truth is you're the only thing I am ever really scared of losing
is whatever it is we have and whatever it is we'll be
will be nothing when i get back from the places i gotta be and these people i gotta see
and these things that i say,
messages in broken bottles, i would throw them all away
but i can't, and i won't, and i guess we both know it
just know you hold my heart even when i can't show it

[tribe one]
i don’t even know what day it is
we can both agree this is no way to live
every time i leave is a new strain on our relationship
and both of us are well aware i may not ever make it big

the fact is this something that i have to do
but say the word and i will drop everything to come back to you
that truth is absolute
and i’m not just saying that because i know you’d never ask me to

i swear that i would come up with a different plan
if the woman i love wasn’t my biggest fan
your belief in me is the greatest gift you give your man
when i’m out of town counting ticks on the minute hand

i get to live my chosen passion
but i hope you know it’s only a distraction
i’ll keep the promise that i made on the last one
there is no distance that i won’t come back from

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