Two Weeks Notice

from by two weeks notice



[tribe one]
i always knew i’d have to fight for anything worth doing
and the proof is in the life that i have been pursuing
i did what i decided i was meant to be choosing
divided by the line between winning and losing

been a bit of confusion i had to clear some gray areas
and let some people know i’m here to break barriers
there hasn’t been this many weird and strange various
theses and theories since the dawn of the age of aquarius

if you got a stage and a place we can crash at
we got a lifelong passion and a hatchback
we planned a tour and an album in the abstract
with two weeks notice we finished in half that

this record isn’t a letter of resignation
it’s a thanks for all your positive messages and your patience
that’s why we put in the effort and dedication
trying to become something better than entertainment

we ain’t stopping for nothing and you know this
stay focused
two weeks notice

i worked my fingers to the bone
for little to no reason
little to no payment,
even in the busy season
best behavior
was never really my thing
but i got backed into a corner
all i heard was chaching
now it’s a paperchase struggle
eveytime that i sing
thinking about the bottomline
laying awake instead of sleeping
thought i was creeping on a comeup
i was sliding down a mountain
throwing coins in the wrong fountain
no sick days. it’s just
a puddle i might drown in
and i guess i deserve it
but my last days are mine
so therei quit.i’ve had it i’m over it i’m fine
then like actually this weekend
can you spare some overtime?
can i maybe get some extra hours
while i got a breif lull
i mean, alright okay
my plates already pretty full
yeah… i could use a weekend off…


from two weeks notice, released July 16, 2015



all rights reserved


two weeks notice Charlotte, North Carolina

two weeks notice is Tribe One & Mikal kHill.

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