Those Were My Good Years

from by two weeks notice



wokeup broke the alarm
another sad sunday,
and then waking up is hard
when it’s clock in clock out
need to give it a rest
with marks on my skin
this pain in my chest
back to the grindstone
shave off my face
a persistent sickness
conflict of interest
hit the same bricks till you break both your wrists
it’s a gift... wrapped in razorwire to leave your neck slit
life is a stain.
chant the refrain
dunno the rules?
can’t win the game
and every day is the same
you went from reckless to tamed
growing as a person meant learning to be ashamed
try to remember how this ever felt good
standing above the crowd, just more misunderstood
with a broke heart and a pocket full of bad habits
the goal was a hologram, you were never gonna grab it


[tribe one]
i think i’ll quit while i’m ahead
i think i wish i could’ve spent a bit more time in bed
i think i don’t want to think about things i might’ve said
or the tracks i leave behind me as i grind the tire tread

this simple fickle minded life that i have led is past its prime
and that would still be true if i could travel back in time
that’s just fine that was practically by design
so it’s not actually lying rather practicing my lines

this is just what happens when it isn’t fun anymore
when i look back on everything i’ve done and what is it for?
when the total sum is a puddle of blood on the floor
and every reward is funneled back into the company store

i think it’s time i have to ask myself some hard questions
and either come up with an answer quick or start guessing
that i’m far past the part where i should do some arm wrestling
and honest reflection that i’m probly doing more harm than blessing


from two weeks notice, released July 16, 2015



all rights reserved


two weeks notice Charlotte, North Carolina

two weeks notice is Tribe One & Mikal kHill.

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