Ten Thousand Miles

from by two weeks notice



i'm a hard man to love
hard man to hold
always into something
always on the go
but for better or worse
you're all think of all the time
and never is there a second that i don't have you on my mind
it's true we can get misdirected so often i can't stand it
and i never really been a guy with very much of a plan
but you're the only wind that keep my sails moving
and the truth is you're the only thing I am ever really scared of losing
is whatever it is we have and whatever it is we'll be
will be nothing when i get back from the places i gotta be and these people i gotta see
and these things that i say,
messages in broken bottles, i would throw them all away
but i can't, and i won't, and i guess we both know it
just know you hold my heart even when i can't show it

[tribe one]
i don’t even know what day it is
we can both agree this is no way to live
every time i leave is a new strain on our relationship
and both of us are well aware i may not ever make it big

the fact is this something that i have to do
but say the word and i will drop everything to come back to you
that truth is absolute
and i’m not just saying that because i know you’d never ask me to

i swear that i would come up with a different plan
if the woman i love wasn’t my biggest fan
your belief in me is the greatest gift you give your man
when i’m out of town counting ticks on the minute hand

i get to live my chosen passion
but i hope you know it’s only a distraction
i’ll keep the promise that i made on the last one
there is no distance that i won’t come back from


from two weeks notice, released July 16, 2015



all rights reserved


two weeks notice Charlotte, North Carolina

two weeks notice is Tribe One & Mikal kHill.

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