Party Of Two

from by two weeks notice



[tribe one]
i roll up in the party like “i wish i didn’t have to be here”
and make a beeline straight for the finger snacks and cheap beer
i look around and everyone already knows each other
and not that i’m socially hopeless but soon i’ll blow my cover

all at once it becomes clear i’m putting on a front
i whisper to my wife that this why i didn’t wanna come
then spend the rest of the evening off in the corner
so finding me is like an obstacle course and crossing a border

a night in the life of an awkward performer
it’s like a softcore form of moderate torture
like being locked in a box with an unstoppable horde in a hospital ward
i think maybe i’ve got a disorder

so please believe that i don’t mean to seem rude
i really do appreciate your company and free food
and i am trying my best to get up with the rest of y’all
i just need a second to digest it all

so put your hands up
if you’re ready to go home
put your hands up
if you wanna be left alone
put em up if you are ready to see this night end
and remember they reason the crew is NOFRIENDS (NOFRIENDS)

oh my god i’m at a party and surrounded by my friends
people that love me, happy to see me, and i just want it to end
i wanna go home, maybe escape to cyrodill
cause you know things that don’t mix is crowds of people and khill

Now, you might say it’s weird i’m alright when i’m holding a microphone
but i can scream at people from the stage if i need them to leave me alone
the worst is people asking me if i’m having a good time
when i’m clearly playing 3ds tryna to save a piece of my mind

or maybe i could hit the kitchen and grab me a few drinks
then i’m saying weird stuff till people think a freak
alienate half of my homies with my speech so slurred
a flurry of absurd proverbs and curse words

so instead, i sit here too sober and melancholy
everytime someone glance i wanna scream GET OFF ME
so don’t take it personal if i dip out early
it’s just the way that i roll… solo and mad surly


from two weeks notice, released July 16, 2015



all rights reserved


two weeks notice Charlotte, North Carolina

two weeks notice is Tribe One & Mikal kHill.

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