Nobody Knows

from by two weeks notice



Nobody knows...
Nobody knows...
all the trouble I've seen
Nobody knows...
all the sorrow.

[tribe one]
every record is a deathbed confession
life is a test and these are extra credit lessons
i’ve never been the best at leaving good impressions
my only hope is you don’t regret this investment

i met my best friends making these songs
and maybe that’s the reason why it takes me so long
it’s the bond that keeps these relationships strong
whether on a major label or it’s pay what you want

one day i’ll be gone probly sooner than i care to admit
sometimes i wonder who would care if i quit
i’m too self aware for embarrassing hysterical fits
i’d rather stare into a glaring abyss

i’ve seen more trouble than some but i suspect less than most
make every attempt see the best in folks
still question those that profess to know
wherever it is next we go
bless my soul...

since the days of my youth
broken windows in my bedroom
holes in the walls and in my clothes
defined line through a broke tooth
hardwood floors, staples cut my bare feet
sleeping in the cold instead of kerosene heat
the shit would leave me coughing, black phlegm in the AM
government cheese in the fridge
USDA labels in all the cabinets
stunting was not a habit
it wasn’t even an option
only solace was a perpetual state of being totally awesome
instead of steady flossing
fools clowned my clothes like, oh yo, i was only joshing
but couldn’t see the dopeness of the retro clothes i was rocking
or see the future path i was soon gonna be walking
so now they standing gawking, i wasn’t born with a silver spoon
i was birthed screaming through the cosmos at the speed of a harpoon
the first determined serpent born into a cursed line
convinced my story was more than just a buncha hard times


from two weeks notice, released July 16, 2015



all rights reserved


two weeks notice Charlotte, North Carolina

two weeks notice is Tribe One & Mikal kHill.

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