Dad Joke (Progress)

from by two weeks notice



[tribe one]
stranger than imagination can’t make this up
when these lame ducks claim they the same as us
but ain’t raising up the ratio of bang for bucks
they aim to gain fame i’d rather gain your trust

got no time for games i’m a husband and homeowner
some days i’m the local opener some i’m the show closer
my only goal is that my name is known the globe over
so opponents throwing bows i just throw them the cold shoulder

they some over the counter factory setters
we fly as a passenger jet and they just flapping their feathers
i imagine their lives would have to better
if they would tackle more practical endeavors and stop rapping forever

we’ve paid the dues to move up the food chain
from singing for loose change to kings with a true claim
ill as the latest flu strain
and if you thought we came to make friends then you must’ve forgot the crew name

some will make money and some will stay broke
some will swim while others struggle to stay afloat
some will stay quiet and some will make a fuss
saying the same stuff but those others ain’t us

I got a problem making problems for people i got a problem with
i got a problem with making trouble by living where trouble lives
broken dream boulevard, kids grew up acting hard
but got shook quick once anybody pulled a card
so i figured out my own methods,
hypothetical test kit
yeah, you know how it is
living situation desperate
you verses my crew is just a straight catastrophe
even with Joe Strummer you still couldn’t clash with me
Dastardly. Tragically you try to battle
come on now, i think it’s time that you best skidaddle
we all heard you rap big talking acting hard
would have sold more copies of a blank cd-r
and yes, that is obsolete media
you should get deleted like my page on wikipedia
what was the golf clubs favorite music? SWING.
That’s right, i used a dad joke to end this thing.


from two weeks notice, released July 16, 2015



all rights reserved


two weeks notice Charlotte, North Carolina

two weeks notice is Tribe One & Mikal kHill.

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