Body & Soul

from by two weeks notice



The tombstones are the only silence that you’ll find
shaking off the earth’s dust there here it’s finally time
we’re all aware of how it ends
it doesn’t matter what you thought
doesn’t matter what your mama said, or what your preacher taught
everyone you ever loved is coming back to say hello
don’t you know nobody ever truly REALLY goes
there always there to watch you
there always by your side
and i can promise you, that you’ll be seeing htem tonight.

beware little children
stay in your beds
lock your doors board your windows
on the day of the dead

[tribe one]
if you’ve ever wondered what was on the other side
just listen for the wind to hum the lullabies
no hope of slumber everyone’s afraid to shut their eyes
in morning when the sun arises then the dead will come alive

there’s an ominous fog on the shoal of the local watering hole
and zombies with rotting bodies but not any souls
awaken from the grave to take a wander and stroll
from what i saw it’s obvious god is not in control

maybe there’s some sort of siren song that’s calling them
maybe they haunt the ones who’ve wronged them and they want revenge
maybe they lust for life and long to do it all again
all we really know is this is how it’s always been

you feel it in the air just being anywhere close
and you’ll see demons and evil living scarecrows
they don’t even seem aware that they’re ghosts
beware folks “dia de los muertos”


from two weeks notice, released July 16, 2015



all rights reserved


two weeks notice Charlotte, North Carolina

two weeks notice is Tribe One & Mikal kHill.

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